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I have been writing and recording music for about 15 years, experimenting with all sorts of styles and learning as much as I can on my own. I picked up guitar at 14 and quickly realized that there was something there. I studied music for 8 years as well, which has helped a lot but I am mostly self taught. 
I am extremely passionate when composing and love the sound of real instruments, which is why I decided to learn bass, cello, violin, clarinet, trumpet, sax and drums on my own.
So far in my music career, I have worked with several production companies and studios, such as Seratone Studios, Dazmo, XS, Appollo Studios, Troublemakers, Ballet de l'ouest, as well as the 7 Fingers Circus. 
These works include:
  • Music for the show ''5E Rang'' on Radio-Canada
  • 5 songs for the 2014 Sochi Olympics,
  • Music for the BBC/Ceebies TV show ''Jamillah & Aladdin''
  • A commercial for the app ''LONO''
  • A commercial for Loto Québec 
  • A commercial for the ''Grand défi Pierre Lavoie''
  • 5 songs for Mitsou's TV show ''Tout part de soi''
  • All the music for the TV show ''Magasin Général'' which  aired on the channel Historia. 
  • A rock song featured in the TV show ''La Galère''
  • Orchestral arrangements/performance/recording for the Ballet de l'ouest's modern adaptation of Pinocchio.  
  • An EDM song entitled ''Speed of life'' for the group ''BE1'' which was played on radio stations such as 94.7 hits FM, 103.3 FM, Beat 100.9 FM, EXA radio/TV, EMPO T, etc. It was also in DJ charts in North and South American and Asia. 
  • I worked alongside Cirque du soleil Composer Benoit Jutras, to compose a variety of orchestral/jazz/ music for a circus called Les 7 Doigts de la Main for their show entitled ''A MUSE'' which was presented in Mexico City. 
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