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I create all types of music and enjoy every minute of it. I love experimenting with different instruments, production styles, music theory, as much as I love conveying that knowledge through teaching and coaching. 
  • I compose with my intuition, as well as with my knowledge of music theory. The result that I always strive for is creating high standard music that sounds both raw and polished. Emotional and intellectual. 

  • I can create taylor-Made & unique compositions for your project. I've worked with circuses, TV shows, ads, artists, etc. 

  • Production styles can define genres. A great hook can go so many ways with different production tricks and instrumentation, and I love exploring all the possibilities. 

  • I can help define and elevate your sound as an artist, sometimes a few effects can turn a great song idea into a memorable audio experience. 

  • I create instrumental parts to bring your song a level of authenticity you didn't know you needed. It can really ad a new dimension and attitude to your music

  • Real instruments include Guitar, Bass, Cello, Violin, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Sax, Oud, and Voice. 

  • My goal as an artist is to try extract the soundtrack that constantly plays in my head, all while experimenting with different instruments, production styles, and my love for music theory. 

  • I offer songwriting services for singers who don't play instruments but have great ideas. I love working with people who are as passionate about music as I am! 

  • I do all my work in my home studio, which is mostly just a laptop, mic, audio driver and a bunch of instruments. All the music I've done is recorded and produced here. 

  • I can record from home at a lower cost or meet with you at your favourite studio. 

  • I coach musicians on how to find their authentic voice as artists; that "thing" that will make you, and all your music sound genuine.

  • I also teach guitar, bass, music theory, songwriting, production and everything that is music. 

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